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When Life Happens, We Are There To Help

The attorneys at CGH dedicate their practices to helping people. Every person on Earth has a life to live, and inevitably that life will include problems. CGH lawyers stand apart in their abilities to think differently to help you solve those problems. Each one of them understands that in addition to using legal skills and training, a lawyer must take a creative, real-world approach in order to best solve real-world problems. But most importantly, and above all else, each one of them understands that there is more at stake than motions and legal filings. At CGH, we never lose sight of the thing that matters most: helping you put your life back together.


Each Lawyer At CGH Law Firm is Devoted To Helping You


Tim Galluzzi


Tim Galluzzi loves to represent people and thrives in the fight to protect his clients’ rights. Mr. Galluzzi fought professionally in mixed martial arts before attending law school, and his passion for challenge and competition carries over into his legal career.


Kevin Cheney


Kevin Cheney wanted to be an attorney for as long as he can remember. Whether it was debating his bed time or helping his brother negotiate for extra dessert, Mr. Cheney always advocated for positions he believed in.


Travis Howard


Daddy. Hubby. Fan. Activist. Truth Seeker. Student. Teacher. Believer. Leader. Follower. Optimist. Pessimist. Human. When asked to describe himself Travis Howard chose the words listed above.


Focused on Obtaining The Best Possible Outcomes For Our Clients.

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