Marijuana Law

Colorado has been a leader in drug policy reform for roughly the last decade. Part of those reforms included the rise of medical marijuana dispensaries and related businesses. In 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64 which legalized recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. This has led to thousands of people seeking to start different types of marijuana businesses.  Unfortunately, marijuana law can be very complex.

Starting a marijuana business is not easy. Finding real estate is not easy. There are no banks that will loan you money. The laws and regulations are complex. And, of course, marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. If you are interested in starting a marijuana business you will need an experienced legal team that can walk you through all of the laws and regulations that will impact your future business.

Our experienced attorneys can assist you in several areas related to the marijuana industry. First, we can let you know if you and/or your partners meet all the requirements to own a license. Second, we can form your future company and provide all the legal documents, such as operating agreements, which you will need before you start your business. Third, we can help you identify the most appropriate local government that allows marijuana businesses so that you can find the proper real estate. Fourth, we can assist you with filling your applications to make sure you give yourself the best chance to get a license.

CGH also specializes in helping existing marijuana businesses in a variety of ways. We can help you navigate the disciplinary process at either the state or local level if your business has been cited for a violation. We can help you purchase or sell your business if the opportunity arises. We can assist with employee matters that may arise.

As stated above, marijuana law is very complex. Do not make the mistake of thinking just any lawyer is capable of understanding the unique issues that arise in this industry. CGH’s team has years of experience assisting marijuana businesses. We have helped draft laws and regulations. We have testified before legislatures, city councils, and even lobbied Congress. Let our experience be your asset. Call CGH today.

Marijuana Cases We Handle

  • Medical Marijuana Centers (Dispensaries)
  • Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities
  • Medical Marijuana-infused Products Manufacturers
  • Medical Marijuana Testing Facilities
  • Recreational Marijuana Centers (Dispensaries)
  • Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Facilities
  • Recreational Marijuana-infused Products Manufacturers
  • Recreational Marijuana Testing Facilities
  • Marijuana Smoking Clubs
  • Ancillary Marijuana Businesses