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Large Settlement in "Low" Damages Case

CGH was retained by clients for injuries suffered in a car crash with less than $700 in property damage. Eventually, CGH was able to recover over $200,000 for the clients.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges in Boulder District Court

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of felony menacing charges against one of our clients who showed a knife to a would-be attacker to protect himself. CGH then helped the client seal his record.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges in Boulder County Court

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of a charge of possession of a stolen financial device against one of our clients. CGH then helped the client seal her record.

Client Found Not Guilty at Trial in Denver

CGH successfully defended a client who was charged with with assault and domestic violence. The client refused to plead guilty, and the City of Denver would not dismiss the case. CGH took the client’s case to trial and the jury found him not guilty of all charges.

CGH Gets Policy Limits Settlement

CGH represented a couple that was injured when someone slammed into the back of their vehicle at stop light. CGH was able to get policy limits for one of the clients and a substantial settlement for the other.

CGH Wins Protection Order Hearing and Receives Attorney Fees

CGH represented a young woman who was falsely accused by her ex-boyfriend of domestic violence. CGH went to Court, had the ex’s protection order thrown out, had a protection order taken out against him, and our client was awarded attorney fees after the Court ruled the ex’s claims were frivolous.

Client's Very Old Case Dismissed

CGH successfully defended a client who had a pending charge that was over 29 years old. Wanting to atone for his past mistakes the client hired CGH to handle his case. CGH ended up convincing the District Attorney to just dismiss the charge.

Negotiated Policy Limit Settlement

CGH successfully negotiated a settlement for a woman who had been seriously injured in a car accident. Soon after being retained on the case, CGH convinced the insurance company to pay out the policy’s limit.

Client Found Not Guilty at Trial

CGH successfully defended a client who was charged with DUI, DWAI, and Following Too Closely. After not being able to reach a favorable plea deal, CGH took the client’s case to trial and the jury found him not guilty of all charges.

Victory on Unemployment Benefits Appeal

CGH successfully handled an unemployment benefits appeal. CGH’s client was awarded unemployment benefits at the initial hearing but his employer appealed arguing he was an independent contractor.  CGH handled the appeal and the initial decision was affirmed by the appeal board.

Negotiated Settlement to Replevin Action

CGH successfully negotiated a favorable settlement in a replevin action.  CGH’s client and the opposing party had disagreements about who owned what property following a break up.  CGH was able to work with the parties so that both got the property to which they were entitled.

Settlement with Shoe Manufacturer

CGH successfully negotiated with a large shoe manufacturer after CGH’s client suffered burns to his feet after purchasing a new pair of shoes.  CGH was able to humanize their client to the company which allowed the company to increase its offer.

Negotiation of Fair Plea for 2nd DUI

CGH successfully negotiated with the District Attorney for a fair plea for a client who was charged with driving under the influence.  The plea focused on treatment and education and the client was able to avoid any jail time.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of assault and disturbing the peace charges against one of our clients who had been interrogated by police without the benefit of an interpreter.  CGH then helped the the client seal his record.

Policy Limits Settlement

CGH successfully represented two family members who had been injured in a car accident.  CGH was able to convince the at-fault driver’s insurance company to settle for the the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

Compensation for Bike Accident

CGH successfully negotiated with the insurance company for a construction company. CGH’s client had been injured while riding her bicycle after she struck a pot hole that had been caused during construction that was occurring on a roadway.

Dismissal of Felony Charges

CGH successfully obtained the dismissal of felony stalking charges against one of our clients. CGH then successfully sealed that client’s record.

Dismissal of Criminal Charges

CGH successfully obtained dismissal of criminal mischief charges against one of our clients who had been falsely identified by an “eyewitness.” CGH then successfully sealed that client’s record.

Homeowner's Insurance Settlement

CGH represented a woman whose homeowner’s insurance company refused to honor its policy when she filed a claim after her property was vandalized. CGH filed suit in the case and the insurance company eventually settled for over 10 times the initial disputed claim.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claim

CGH represented someone who was hit by an RV that had caught on fire. CGH was able to obtain the insurance policy limits against the at-fault driver.

Successful Appeal in DUI

CGH represented a young man who had recently entered a guilty plea for DUI without fully understanding the immigration consequences. CGH attempted to withdraw his plea and the trial court ruled against us. Undeterred, CGH appealed that decision and successfully convinced the District Court to overturn the County Court and allow the client to withdraw his plea.

Minimum Sentence

CGH regularly successfully obtains the minimum sentence allowed by law for clients charged with DUI.

Withdrawal of Restitution

CGH successfully argued that a client was not responsible for any restitution and had the restitution request withdrawn by showing the district attorney that a different person was actually responsible.

Wrongful Eviction

CGH successfully convinced a landlord to not evict his tenant after we pointed out that doing so would be in violation of the tenant’s lease.

Dismissal of Charges against Lawful Immigrant to Avoid Deportation

CGH successfully obtained a deferred prosecution for a client facing immigration consequences if the client received any other outcome. The client can now say she was never even charged with a crime.

Storage Facility Negligence

CGH successfully represented a client whose car was damaged after a garage gate malfunctioned in a parking lot near her work. CGH convinced the garage owner to pay the full price of her repairs and for the time she missed from work.

Prison Sentence Shortened

CGH successfully convinced the parole board to limit one of our client’s time in prison to under a year when he was facing a revocation that could have sent him back to prison for 3-5 years.

Dismissal of Lawsuit and Award of Attorney Fees

CGH successfully defended a young woman who was being sued by a former lover for defamation. Not only was the case dismissed, but the young woman was awarded all of her attorney fees.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Prior to joining CGH, Mr. Galluzzi successfully assisted on a trial team that obtained a $490 million verdict against a group of trustee banks that helped facilitate a Ponzi scheme.

“Fighting Words” Statute Declared Unconstitutional

Prior to joining CGH, Mr. Cheney successfully argued that the City of Boulder’s “Use of Fighting Words” statute was unconstitutionally overbroad. The City appealed and Mr. Cheney prevailed on appeal. The City then changed the law.


Kevin & CGH (Cheney Galluzzi & Howard) the best and easiest to work with! They are a young new firm and we were referred to by a different layer due to this one was a CAR ACCIDENT which let me tell you all know they are terrible but Kevin always asked my wife and I if we were ok each time we talked! They have a strong passion for the law and doing what’s right. Kevin took my wife and I car accident case right away which was already been in the works by my wife for 3 months! Kevin played hard ball for four days on line and on the phone with both insurance companies and we won! I don’t know anything about law Kevin explained every step of the process and was very up front and kept it simple the whole way through!I would highly recommend them to any one in need of even a question to this day he will respond to my wife’s emails! Thanks Jon and Leigh
Jonathon Morado
Jonathon Morado
Tim Galluzzi is the man. I trust him with any legal matter I may have. He helped me look into hospital bills that I wasn't sure was legal when I happened to have a bad night and woke up in the hospital. Then I ran into legal trouble and Mr. Galluzzi gave me the legal advice I needed to head in the right direction. He also represented me and got me the best possible outcome I could have gotten for my particular case. He was straight forward about what the process was going to be and what possible outcomes there were. What I appreciate most is that he is no BS, straight to the point, and steers you in the right direction. I will always go to him for legal advice and recommend him and his Law Firm to any family or friend who may need legal help. Thank you Tim, for everything. I appreciate it.
Annika Sayaka
Annika Sayaka
Kevin was very professional and responsive to my emails and phone calls, he kept us continuously updated on the status of our case, and was true to his word concerning the expenses. Highly recommended!
Chris Buske
Chris Buske
I had an issue with an error on our credit report for our business and Tim was so on it. Within just a few hours he was able to get the company to send the corrected info to the reporting bureaus to have them remove it. I am so thankful to him for helping solve this issue and doing it so quickly. It would have taken me months to accomplish this. I would highly recommend Tim if you need things done quickly, efficiently and professionally.
Dawn Swift
Dawn Swift
Kevin Cheney is my favorite lawyer I've ever communicated with. Working in drug policy and prison policy, communicating with attorneys is a part of what I do for a living. Kevin Cheney replies quickly, answers questions knowledgeably in simple yet articulate, easy to understand language, provides incredibly reasonably priced services, and most importantly, he cares about what he does and his clients. I strongly recommend his services to anybody in need.
James Gould
James Gould
If you’re hesitant about using Kevin & CGH (Cheney Galluzzi & Howard) don’t be at all. You might think they are a young new firm but I assure you they are far from it as they are nothing short of “Bull Dogs” in the court room. They have a strong passion for the law and doing what’s right. Kevin took my civil case against a startup company I work for where I got cut out of the project. I thought I had rights to my work and Kevin confirmed that. I was the little dog in a big fight as Kevin took on one of the largest firms in Denver, one that takes multimillion dollar cases, and a startup owner with very deep pockets. Kevin played hard ball for four days in the court room and in the end we won. I don’t know anything about law and had never filed a lawsuit, never thought I would ever have to. Kevin explained every step of the process and was very up front. Kevin & CGH conveyed confidence as a team the moment I walked through the door. Kevin did an amazing job of prepping me for me deposition, direct and cross examination, trained me on iterating key points and phrases, as well on how to work through the evidence when I was on the stand. We practiced several times to insure I was fully prepared for trial. Kevin pushed me as a client to know and understands everything leading up to trail so that I can be the best witness in my own case. This is only because they are that passionate about the law. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you believe your fight might end up in a court room this is the team you want on your side. Regardless your reasons for looking for a lawyer give CGH a call and talk with them, hear what they have to say about your issue.
Chris Gabe
Chris Gabe
Kevin is a great attorney. He helped me with my difficult case, and ended up getting me a differed sentence, the very best outcome possible.
Nate Rueckert
Nate Rueckert
Nobody usually wants to be in a position to hire an attorney, but I can't say enough about how at ease I felt with Kevin and Tim immediately! They both walked me through processes with reassurance and professionalism. Kevin was super prompt in responding to all my communications even after he had wrapped up my case. The firm was also the most reasonable & honest that I found, and I interviewed 5 lawyers before choosing CGH. I highly recommend!
Melissa Gifford
Melissa Gifford
I am a family law attorney who works in the same building as Kevin and Tim. I called them late one afternoon for assistance with a friend for criminal charges. Tim was extremely helpful in explaining the issues. They took the case right away and Kevin appeared in court the early the next morning. The client was scared but Kevin took the time to explain everything and ease the client's fears. Kevin argued very well and got the client a great deal. As an attorney who frequently deals with "bad" attorneys, I am extremely picky when it comes to retaining other attorneys. Kevin and Tim are fantastic, easy to talk to, professional, and highly efficient. They both have a strong understanding of their field. I highly recommend using Kevin and Tim. Call them and see if you feel better after the conversation. I bet you will.
Kate Miller
Kate Miller
I was arrested 3 weeks ago for a warrant from 1989. I was referred to Tim Galluzzi and was impressed from the beginning. He is very professional and a great guy personally. My outcome was the absolutely the best I could possibly hope for; Dismissed!! Obviously I would highly recommend this firm and especially Tim to all of you out there. Give him a call...he is better than Saul.
Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney
Tim is one of the best litigators in the country. I wouldn't hesitate to take a case to trial with him representing me. Absolutely phenomenal services provided by the entire firm.
Tim Carrier
Tim Carrier
Can't say enough good things about Tim and his office! I met with several lawyers before deciding to go with Tim. Not only was their billing the most fair practice, from the moment I met with him, Tim made me feel good about my case, and confident that he would do everything possible to get the best outcome. He always kept me well informed, and kept me feeling hopeful everything would turn out fine. I was facing life changing charges. Case Dismissed, it doesn't get any better than that! These guys are amazing at what they do, don't hesitate to give them a call and do a consult!
Matt Gunderson
Matt Gunderson
I recently hired Kevin to help me deal with an issue I had with my ex-land lord. I was under a lot of stress since I didn't know how to deal with what I was going through and Kevin helped put my mind at ease as he would respond all of my email and phone calls in a matter of minutes. I was very blessed to have found Kevin. I was able to get my issues resolved and I never even had to deal with my land lord again. I am a very very happy client!
Francheska Jo
Francheska Jo
Kevin recently defended me in a dui case that ended up going to trial. Throughout the entire process Kevin was professional and on top of every aspect involving the case. In the end, I was found not guilty of all charges and Kevin was able to prove my innocence.I would strongly recommend the CGH Lawfirm to anyone who is in need of an Attorney. The dedication and pursuit they put forward is not easy to find. I'm personally grateful for their help.
Josh Hargis
Josh Hargis