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Have you ever seen videos online of a deposition gone wrong? Lawyers in Texas going crazy on each other ( Lil’ Wayne telling a lawyer “that’s a stupid ass question” ( The videos are amusing, but they show a wasted deposition—the result of bad lawyering and a poor understanding by the lawyer and the witness […]Continue reading

What is an Answer? What does it do? And how does it impact my case? You may have read our blog about complaints, the document which formally starts a lawsuit. After a plaintiff has filed a complaint, the defendant in a case normally files an “answer.” An answer is a pleading which literally answers a […]Continue reading

What happens when you get in a scooter accident? Because of their increasing popularity in cities, we will start to see more and more accidents involving electric scooters. Scooters may be a great step towards reduced emissions, reduced traffic, and cleaner city air, but it will take time to adjust to their presence. This blog […]Continue reading

What is a Complaint? What is a Complaint? What does it do? And how does it impact my case? These are great questions that our clients often ask us, especially if their cases may be headed for litigation. At its most basic level, a complaint is a type of legal document called a pleading. Pleadings […]Continue reading

What is perjury? Great question. We see the term perjury being thrown around in the media. We see it in relation to criminal defendants. We also see it used in relation to people who are testifying before Congress. Often, it seems like the people using the term on television may not fully know what it […]Continue reading

In the State of Colorado, one of our consumer-friendly insurance laws requires car insurance companies to offer medical payments coverage to their customers. The insurance companies must offer medical payments coverage of at least $5,000. “Medical payments coverage” is commonly referred to as MedPay. Unfortunately, many drivers in Colorado do not know about MedPay. But […]Continue reading

When you’re in a car crash, there can be a lot of consequences. You may have to miss work, seek regular medical care, figure out how to get your car repaired (or purchase a new one), figure out different temporary transportation, and so on. And, of course, you’ll have to deal with different insurance policies […]Continue reading

As lawyers who represent victims of car crashes, we often are looking into our clients’ auto insurance coverage. While the insurance company from whom you choose to purchase insurance is not as important, the amount of coverage you purchase is absolutely important. We will address the different types of coverage available and offer our recommendations […]Continue reading