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Have you ever seen videos online of a deposition gone wrong? Lawyers in Texas going crazy on each other ( Lil’ Wayne telling a lawyer “that’s a stupid ass question” ( The videos are amusing, but they show a wasted deposition—the result of bad lawyering and a poor understanding by the lawyer and the witness […]Continue reading

What happens when you get in a scooter accident? Because of their increasing popularity in cities, we will start to see more and more accidents involving electric scooters. Scooters may be a great step towards reduced emissions, reduced traffic, and cleaner city air, but it will take time to adjust to their presence. This blog […]Continue reading

When are your First Amendment rights at stake? Only if the government is acting. People restrict speech all the time. Organizations often punish others for the things they say. The NFL recently tried to institute a policy regarding players’ protests during the National Anthem. Twitter permanently banned the account of too-eager-to-take-his-shirt-off Alex Jones, the Infowars […]Continue reading