Over time, we have realized that many of clients have similar questions. So we decided to answer as many of them as we can below. The questions below all have to deal with our firm and our lawyers. Check them out!

Why should I choose CGH?
People often ask us why they should choose CGH over other law firms? Watch Kevin explain why in this short video.

What kind of cases do you take?
Lawyers can specialize in various different types of law. We are often asked what kind of cases do you take? Watch attorney Tim Galluzzi answer that question.

Why did you become a lawyer? (Kevin Cheney)
Why did Kevin Cheney become a lawyer? Watch this video to seem him answer that question in his own words.

Why did you become a lawyer? (Tim Galluzzi)
Why did you become a lawyer? Great question. Watch Tim’s answer!.


As attorneys who specialize in car crashes (we don’t like to use the term “accident”) we get lots of questions surrounding car crashes. Here are some of our answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Should I speak to the insurance company following a car accident?

The short answer is usually no. But it can be more complicated than that. Check out Kevin’s answer for more information.

How will my car get fixed following a car crash?

Your car is damaged, now what? Depending on the situation and the type of insurance you have a few different things may happen. Check out Tim’s response for more information.

Should I take Pictures of the Scene Following a Car Accident?

Yes! You should always try to take pictures of the scene following a car crash. Check out Tim’s answer for more information.

Do I Need to Call Police Following a Car Accident?

Usually, yes! Although there are certain times when Colorado law does not require you to involve the police. Watch our short video for more information!