Why did you become a lawyer? (Kevin Cheney)

Kevin always wanted to be a lawyer for as long as he can remember. Some kids grow up wanting to be firefighters or astronauts. Not Kevin. He always dreamed of being Atticus Finch fighting for justice in the courtroom. As he grew up, and learned how the world can be so unfair and unjust to those who need help, his desire to be a lawyer only increased. He went to law school because he wanted to fight for underdogs. Kevin wanted to take cases that others said were impossible. He wanted to be David and stand toe to toe with Goliath. We think our firm does that every day. He is fortunate to have represented some really awesome people who are going through really difficult times in their lives. Kevin gets to make those times just a little bit easier. A little bit more just. Kevin loves what he does and wouldn’t change it for a second.

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