Why should I choose CGH?

Why should I choose CGH?

We care more. At larger law firms, you will just be another case to them. You likely will get passed from paralegal to paralegal. And while paralegals are great, they are not your lawyer . That isn’t how we do things at CGH. From day one, you will be treated like a person. You will have easy access to all of the lawyers in our firm. You will never be just another case to us.

While we have experience, we can’t claim to be the most experienced. While we have a great team, we can’t claim to have the biggest team. But we can promise you that nobody will ever care more about your case than we do. We can promise to always treat you like an equal and never drown you in legal jargon. We got into this business to help regular people fight powerful interests like corporations and insurance companies. We do that, every single day.

CGH is large enough to have the staff and resources to effectively battle insurance companies but we are also small enough to give that individual touch and personal feel. We are experienced enough to know what we are doing but young enough to still be motivated and aggressive. We encourage you to set up a face to face meeting with one of our lawyers. In our experience, almost every client that meets with us decides to retain us.

Why should I choose CGH? Give us a call and see for yourself.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, call us today at 303-209-9395. Life happens. We can help.

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